The Best Birthday Cakes in Sydney

Birthdays are a special occasion, after all we only get one birthday a year! It should be a celebration whether with family, your closest friends or a huge birthday bash. Surely I’m not the only one who finds the same old birthday party, you know, the usual with the same cake as last year, just a little repetitive. Admittedly, the Black Forest Cake from Pattison’s Patisserie that I had a few years ago lost its shine the second time around. The same can be said about many other franchise bakery cakes that I got to try. Sydney is known for its amazing dessert scene so it’s time for us to up the game a little!

This birthday cake “drought” that I was feeling was only worsened every time I opened my Instagram feed. Yes, I am one of those Instagram food stalkers, always on the hunt for the latest and greatest openings around Sydney to try out! However, as a self-confessed sweet tooth, Insta-worthy desserts and cakes are definitely my weakness. Search the hashtag “birthday cake” and you will discover almost 7 million pictures. Search for “cake” and you will find over 45 million! There are so many beautiful, extravagant cakes out there! Fondant, buttercream, mousse cakes, semi-naked cakes, crepe cakes – it is endless! I could keep scrolling until my thumbs give out.

I mentioned getFoodi in the previous post – the Sydney based startup providing us with “amazing cakes from Australia’s best dessert artists”. Birthday cakes are their specialty but wedding cakes, macarons, tarts and mini treats can also be found on the site.

One of their cakes that I’m sure will be a crowd pleaser is the Nutella Bomb Crave Cake by Cakes to Crave

“Layers of moist chocolate mud cake filled with Nutella buttercream and a hidden surprise Nutella centre. Iced with Nutella buttercream, hazelnuts and a milk chocolate drip, topped with Nutella donuts and a mini Nutella jar”

A Nutella overload of the very best kind! Did I mention there is also there are also Mars Bar and Cookie Dough versions of this cake? Cakes to Crave definitely lives up to her name!

Another special mention must to go to LozBakes. Located in St. Johns Park, I know it is a little far for a lot of Sydney-siders – I can promise you it is worth the trip across to Western Sydney. I would say that these cakes are perfect for birthdays. They are fun and colourful without skimping on the taste factor! It’s not every day you get to see a unicorn cake! Whether it is for the young, or simply young at heart – these cakes are perfect for any birthday.

“Baby blue Swiss meringue buttercream, piped pastel mane, and silver glitter marshmallow fondant ears, eyes and horn make the most adorable unicorn cake ever!”

And this is only the start!

All this cake talk is getting me hungry. I think it’s time to get back to choosing my next getFoodi cake binge!